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Rembrandt anniversary celebrated by Google search

Google are celebrating the 407th anniversary of the birth of Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn with a Google image showing the Dutch artist's 1659 oil on canvas self portrait.

This painting is stored in the National Gallery Of Art in Washington. It has been picked by Google to celebrate Rembrandt's birth in Leyden, Holland on 15th July 1606. He died on 4th October 1669 and he is widely considered as one of the greatest portraitists. His famous paintings include The Night Watch (1642) and the Anatomy Lesson of Nicholaes Tulp (1632).


Rembrandt did not come from a family of artists, his mother was a baker and his father a miller. He received a lot of acclaim during his life, but lived beyond his means and was buried in an unmarked grave when he died.

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