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Samsung to bring 55 inch curved OLED TV to UK

The $9,000 ‘curved’ OLED 55inch Samsung TV will be hitting the UK shores before the end of the year. This particular set was previously only available in America and Asia.

The 55 inch screen, called the S9C is slightly curved as Samsung say it gives a more ‘cinematic viewing experience’. Samsung may have a fight on their hands however as some of the industry experts are claiming the  curved screen is just a gimmick over a regular flat screen.

The S9C is a full 1080P HD television set with digital TV tuners, smart TV features, Wi-Fi support alongside a plethora of image processing capabilities to adjust the picture quality.

Samsung UK’s TV and AV boss was very positive about the release in the company’s release email. He said “It is like bringing home an IMAX theatre that you can enjoy every day.’

If you have ever been to an IMAX theatre you will have immediately seen the giant screen which does extend past the human eye field of view. We aren’t quite so sure this 55 inch screen would have the same impact from a normal viewing distance, regardless of the curved screen. Still it sounds good in the marketing blurb.

Samsung have yet to announce the price for UK punters but a direct conversion of $9,000 today gives a price around £5,800 and that is before we consider UK VAT. The television will be available from ‘specialist retailers’ from September 5th.

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