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The Sims tech used in virtual tape measure for online shopping

A high percentage of tech savvy users do most of their shopping online now, however buying clothes online has proven difficult. New tech aims to resolve this problem.

Research conducted by the London College of Fashion and the University of Surrey, with help from specialists is set to resolve the problem with new 3D body mapping technology designed for use at home.

The project is called ‘Body Shape Recognition for Online Fashion'. Software is installed onto a home computer and the user enters his or her height. A webcam/camera or phone is used to take pictures of the user in their underwear.

The system then works out the accurate measurement details of the person for shopping online. The images are not shared with any company or organisation.

Researchers have said that the technology behind the system was used to make software representations of real people in the EA game The Sims. The software will hopefully be released by 2015 for use at home. The UK government have helped to fund the project, giving £350,000 to the team.

Kitguru says: There really are fewer reasons for people to leave home now.

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