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Amazon attack iPad Mini in advert

While UK Amazon goers will not have seen this advert, in America Amazon seem to be aiming for the Apple jugular.

The US store has a comparison which is seen immediately when you first visit the Amazon website. It compares the $199 Kindle Fire HD against the $329 iPad Mini. The list shows the difference in screen quality, highlighting the 216ppi 7 inch Kindle Fire HD screen against the 163 ppi iPad Mini screen.

Amazon also say that the Amazon Kindle Fire HD has stereo speakers and the iPad Mini only mono. They also say that the MIMO Wi-Fi addition is much faster than Apple’s.

Amazon seem to be gunning for Apple in recent months, as even in their financial results, CEO Jeff Bezos said “Our approach is to work hard to charge less. Sell devices near breakeven and you can pack a lot of sophisticated hardware into a very low price point.” This is obviously a completely different strategy to Apple who make quite a large profit on all their tablet products.

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