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Brand loyalty, is it really such a good idea?

Most of our regulars know me as CARL, im just a skinny, everyday geek from Germany who is currently living in England. It is important that you know because a lot of the opinions we post here are just mine, and not an opinion of Kitguru.net.

Anyhow, enough boring introduction talk.

I was out last night having a few Christmas drinks with some friends and ‘friends of friends’. You know the people I mean, right? People you have seen around but you don’t really know.

One of these guys – lets call him Bernie. Well Bernie is rather self opinionated to say the least. The conversation got around to mobile phones and he was explaining why his phone was ‘the best’ on the market while he was laughing at another friends HTC phone for using ‘gay Google OS’. Funnily enough Bernie was using a BlackBerry, and he saw I was using one (I use a Blackberry for work, and I have an HTC in another pocket for family).

He said ‘ Hey Carl, I see you use a Blackberry, ive the 9900, same as you! its awesome isn’t it?’.

I didn’t like the guy at all. He was one of those people you immediately dislike, even before he opened his mouth. It makes no sense, but you know what I mean, right?

‘No Bernie, I think it is a piece of crap if I am being honest. It disconnects me on calls regularly and the OS is rubbish’.

His face turned a nice shade of pink. It was almost as if he had found out I had taken his girlfriend out for dinner and booked into some sleazy hotel closeby. No, I hadn’t, if she was with him, I doubt I would like her anyway.

‘What!!!!!!!!’ he shouted incredulously. ‘Are you for real mannnn?!’.

I really disliked the guy now. He started using a pseudo American accent. Some people seem to do this in the UK. They may sound like Patrick Stewart in every day life, but get into an argument with them and they suddenly end up sounding like Bruce Willis as he is about to kick some ass in a Die Hard film.

‘The 9900 Blackberry is the best phone ever! I owned every phone you can get and this is the best’.

He then went into a long tirade on what I class as ‘buyer justification’. This is when a person tries to justify their viewpoint and purchasing decision by explaining why every other product isn’t as good. Even if they haven’t actually owned or used the products, they have read a little snippet here and there, and feel confident in slandering them.

‘It must be your 9900, mine is great. take it back. My HTC battery life barely lasted a day due to the huge colour screen!!!’. he ended his speech in a puff of self righteous self importance.

‘Bernie, how long does your battery last on the 9900? when did you last charge it?’ I said.

He thought for a second then said ‘ermm, i charged it this morning, I normally get 3 days out of it, with a lot of calls’.

He showed me his phone and his battery was on the last bar. He snapped it away and said ‘yeah well ive been using it a hell of a lot today! that proves nothing Carl’.

So we got into a little ‘heated debate’ and he was insulting android phones and Apple phones, and he said he would always be using blackberry.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I dont mind Blackberry, but lets be honest here, the OS is miles behind Android right now. I tried to explain some pros of Android and he just wasn’t having it.

In the end my other friend just told him to shut up and to enjoy the night.

Bernie wanted to get the last laugh in and said to me ‘Carl, I suppose you are one of those idiots who use Google Chrome, right? It is rubbish, it won’t even work with my banking system. Its Internet Explorer or nothing for me’.

I would have explained that his bank was probably at fault, but what was the point?

Do you know people who get really intense and aggressive about hardware and their purchases?

I think it is always best never having ‘brand loyalty’ because in the real world,. those billion dollar companies really don’t care about you, or what you do. They won’t be around at your house helping you in times of trouble.

It is always sensible to just buy what you feel is best at the time, and when it is time to get a new product, such as a phone. Shop and get the best deal, regardless of which company makes it.

We are only the little men in the street. Brand loyalty is for fools.

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