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Coffee with Tim Cook? $600,000 please

When we first reported on April 25th, the bidding to have a cup of coffee with Tim Cook was sitting at $175,000. Today, the bidding is up to $600,000.

The charity event is already number 2 in the CharityBuzz list of all time top fundraising items. It will certainly end up one of the most expensive cups of coffee ever, Starbucks would be very jealous.

Many of the bids at this point are coming from entrepreneurs who clearly just want to meet the man to drum up some high profile publicity. Of course some of the bidders may be hoping they can pick Cook’s brains about business ideas, but we can’t imagine that is part of the charity deal.
coffee with tim cook

Some of the 86 bids so far have came from:

  • ClearCrate — Cases and accessories for Macs, iPads and iPhones
  • Drbluetooth –High-end bluetooth headsets
  • MacMasi — iOS and Android games
  • Povely.com — Bible apps

Kitguru says: The current high bid comes from SMohsen, so if you want to get in there and bid, be sure to do it quickly, only 16 days left.

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