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Deal with the heat, get an outdoor, upside down shower

People in the United Kingdom may only get a few weeks of hot weather a year, but still we complain. While this product may be slightly overkill for UK’ers, there are other countries in which it might make more sense.

The Viteo Shower is a system you can put into your garden, it is installed onto the ground and forces the water upwards. It is a portable device that be carted around with you wherever you decide that an outdoors shower is useful. The creator Danny Venlet built the unit around a mixture of non slip plastic and stainless steel.

When the device is laid on the ground you simply hook up a hose to the unit and then to the source of the water. A minimum of 2 bar pressure is required for the device to work properly.

The Viteo Shower forces the water up and through nozzles positioned around the outer edge of the circular base. The water is forced up to 13ft high during operation and then falls back down on top of the person standing in the middle of the base.

The asking price is €625, but this doesn’t include VAT or shipping costs.

Kitguru says: Seems like a good, yet expensive way to cool down.

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