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Dell triple income in Q4 results due to corporate spending

Dell has had a good week, showing investors that their fourth quarter results for 2010 were extremely positive indeed. Their net income tripled compared to the same period the year before and much of this is based on corporate spending.

Dell’s statistics highlight that consumer markets are stagnating a little, but the rise in corporate spending has helped them to earn substantial profits. With many corporations upgrading their servers and desktop machines it helped drive their net income to $927 million for the quarter, a massive boost from $334 million which was achieved in the same period the year before.

Large scale enterprise and small to medium business was the biggest growth recorded, with a 12 percent increase in each sector.  The consumer market however looked less impressive for Dell with an eight percent drop in revenue on the previous year.

Investors were positive and the companies gross margin hit 21 percent in most recent figures. This has a positive effect on Dell’s shares as they jumped 5.8 percent with the release of the news.

KitGuru says: Their latest gadget is the Dell Streak 7 which has received mixed reports already, but we reserve judgement until we get a hands on ourselves.

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