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Fujitsu develop pulse measuring facial imaging system

Fujitsu Laboratories have developed a new system which can measure a person’s pulse from facial images taken by built in cameras in a smartphone, PC or tablet. The purpose of the technology is to help people analyse data important to their health.

The system works by measuring the brightness of a person’s face, specifically, green light which is absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood. Analysing the level of green in the light reflected from the face gives a measurement of hemoglobin, and subsequently blood flow. This means the pulse can be measured.

No additionally hardware is required, just a camera from a current device such as a tablet. It takes around five seconds to take a reading. The camera will keep track of the face and record the video when it is static.

Fujitsu say that the technology will have multiple applications, including uses in security. They say it could be used in televisions, mirrors and other places where people can relax for a few minutes. Additionally the company say that the detectors could be used in public transport locations, such as in airports to detect ill or suspicious people.

Kitguru says: A technology with multiple applications in the future.

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