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Internet bounty issued for woman throwing live puppies into river

The world can be a very cruel place and with the growth of the internet, videos and newstories can spread like a virus. One such video which is causing a great deal of distress for people is the footage of a woman dressed in a red sweatshirt, throwing six squealing puppies into a fast moving river. The video has caused such controversy that YouTube have removed it.

While Youtube have removed the sick video, other sites such as LiveLeak.com are still showing it, with over 1.3 million views of the footage already.

Video Shows Girl Throwing Live Puppies into the River (CBS)

The woman's identity has yet to be verified but it appears she is Croatian and People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals have offered a reward for information leading to the capture and arrest of the people behind this video.

People across the world are teaming together to try and find the people responsible and sites such as 4chan.org are already actively trying to locate the woman and the cameraman.

“Find this dumb little b***h and throw her into a river,” one person wrote on 4chan.

PETA says that clues in the video and the original post indicate that it may have been filmed near the Vrbas River in Bosnia-Herzegovina. A facebook page dedicated to helping track them down had more than 7,000 people sign up since the video was posted Monday.

KitGuru says: Let's hope when they find her that a big enough bridge can be found.

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