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Oracle announce Exalogic Elastic Cloud

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced his companies new addition into the private cloud computing territory, going head to head with Hewlett Packard and IBM.

The Exalogic Elastic Cloud, a system which contains 30 servers, each with 6 core processors for a total of 360 cores are interconnected with each other and offer storage by Infiniband connections. These systems support both Linux guest operating systems and Solaris and include everything customers need to run applications.

If this isn't powerful enough, then more can be chained together for added horsepower as required. Ellison said “It's one big, honkin' cloud”. A single setup is capable of handling 1 million HTTP requests per second and two running side by side could deal with Facebook's HTTP request workload. Ellison said “These really are stunning numbers”.

Larry Ellison - one 'big honkin' CEO'

Ellison also wanted to focus on the term ‘Cloud computing'.

“People use the term to mean very different things. I’ve actually been very frustrated and outspoken,” he said, referring to mocking public remarks he has made in the past. Too many existing technologies have been “reborn and rebranded cloud computing,” he said.

Exalogic will run every type of applications, including Oracles own Siebel, E Business Suite and upcoming Fusion applications, so the potential is there for a very capable, wide ranging platform.

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