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Porsche 911 gets a limited edition overhaul for 50th year

The Porsche 911 is an iconic car and one most of us strive to own during our lives. Over 820,000 of them have been built and sold in the last 50 years. They are celebrating the anniversary with a Limited Edition version of the car, sure to appeal to their fan base.

The Porsche 911 has seen 40 different versions since it was initially released however the body style has remained very similar throughout. The engine is placed in the rear and the storage at the front. They often include a turbo, but sometimes haven't.

Porsche plan on making 1963 limited edition models and it is based on the 911 Carrera S. It is a rear wheel drive configuration with the body kit from the Carrera. It has a flat six engine with an upgrade to 430 bhp, due to the inclusion of the Porsche Powerkit. It can hit 62mph in only 4.2 seconds. The top speed is rated at 186mph.

Porsche are including their Sport Chrono Package with the car – this offers a performance display with analogue and digital stopwatches for the driver. They also include the ‘Sport Plus' package which tightens up the 911 steering and suspension (PASM).

Porsche have included 20 inch Fuch wheels. Fuch wheels have been the standard equipment on 911's since the 1960's. They are offering the car in two colours – grey or light grey. There are chrome strips and fins around the low slung body. They also have incorporated their Dynamic lighting system, which includes cornering lights.

The numbers '50' have been placed in various positions on the car to signify the limited edition status.

Source: Porsche

Kitguru says: The 911 50th Anniversary Edition will be yours to buy from September, starting price is set at around the £80,000 mark.

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