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The TerraCraft – 3 wheeler car and motorbike hybrid

Fancy something different to drive into work on a daily basis? Is a new BMW not eye catching enough? Then perhaps the new Terracraft might turn enough heads as you trundle through the city.

This 3 wheeler vehicle is a hybrid car and motorbike design offering a retractable roof and doors which can offer weather protection and aerodynamics. There is a tandem double seat inside which mirrors the motorbike pillion experience.

The TerraCraft may sound like something out of Thunderbirds but it has a unique steering system which lets the driver manually dial in a tilt angle to reproduce the sensation of leaning a motorcycle into a corner. The seating looks like the same padded comfort models from a long distance BMW or Honda tourer.

The creator of the 3 wheel vehicle was interviewed by Gizmag – James ‘Wes' Abbott was a former NASA sub contractor. He said that the hybrid is ideal for ‘aging baby boomers who are looking for alternatives to stay on the road and to keep cruising with their clubs'. If you haven't worked it out already, yes he is American.

The designer is working on a prototype right now taking  the back half of a Honda GoldWing GL1500 to build a proof of concept he should be able to unveil at The Texas Lone Star Rally later in the year. He says he is 70% completed.

If you are interested in learning more, then head over to the official website here.

Kitguru says: A very cool idea, and we think Batman might like the appearance of the black version too.

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