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Toshiba claim Exceria Pro is world’s fastest SD card

Buying an SD card is not normally the most exciting task. Online there are literally hundreds to choose from and often the focus is on just getting the best deal. For sports photographers however it is important that some of the focus is placed on the performance. Toshiba are claiming they have the world's fastest SD card, capable of writing data at a staggering 240 megabytes per second.

Toshiba say they have developed a new controller in order to get these speeds. The controller is compliant with the UHS-II (Ultra High Speed II) standard. The 16GB and 32GB cards can write at up to 240 MB/s and read at 260 MB/s.

The only issue is that there are currently no cameras available which can write as these eye popping speeds. The SD cards are ahead of the hardware right now, although we would imagine with upcoming 4k capable cameras that the speeds will be improving.

No pricing information has been released yet, but they are due for release in Japan in October and Europe by the end of 2013.

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