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Virgin Media enhance mid range UK broadband – 30Mbps

Virgin Media have announced an enhanced service for their mid range customers, increasing the 20MB/s broadband service to 30MB/s.

This new service is offering up to 30MB/s download and 3MB/s upstream, a decent improvement on the 20MB/s and 2MB/s previous available to UK customers.

This new service is set to directly replace the 20MB/s ‘XL’ package with customers receiving the upgrade at no extra cost. Sadly however it looks as if current customers get the short end of the stick, as they need to pay £30 to have their cable modem replaced with the new Virgin SuperHub. Technically the older modems cannot handle the enhanced speeds.

As always Virgin Media made this announcement with an attack on competitor’s ADSL services, including BT’s new Infinity fibre-optic broadband service saying “Unlike other fibre optic broadband services based on VDSL technology, such as BT Infinity, Virgin Media customers can expect to receive speeds close to the stated headline 30Mbits/sec speed, and aren’t subject to the ‘speed lottery’ that plagues broadband delivered over telephone wires.”

KitGuru says: This new service is available today, and older customers can either pay the £30 fee for a new modem, or bitch to customer services on the phone.

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