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Zuckerberg Moscow trip to boost Facebook in Russia

Billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been in Moscow visiting the Government. His plans are to boost the social networking giant’s presence in the Russian market.

Zuckerberg, 28 went on a sightseeing trip in the Russian Capital after his arrival and posed for photographs in Red Square just like a tourist. He wore one of his trademark hooded tops according to local press.

He then went for a meal, avoiding the posh restaurants and went into the local branch of McDonalds. Former president Dmitry Medvedev is regularly seen with his iPad, using it in meetings and even publishing comments on Twitter.

Russia has been thorn in Facebooks side as they are not the number one social network – one of the few countries that is the case. The number one position is held by VKontake, founded by Pavel Durov, 27. He is described as the ‘Russian Zuckerberg’.

Vkontakte is targeted at Russian speakers, and has proven very popular and way ahead of Facebook in the country.

The visit by Zuckerberg to the country has met with some local criticism, some people are claiming he is only over there to headhunt local talent and to get them back over to California to work for him.

Kitguru says: A relationship building exercise.

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