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Ice Cream Sandwich – no flash support yet

The new Samsung Galaxy Nexus may be a leading showcase for Android's new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system but it currently has no support for Adobe Flash. According to Google it will support it eventually, but Adobe need to update their Flash code for the new OS.

Interestingly, Adobe stated that they did end Flash development for Android and Playbook, wanting to focus instead on HTML5.

Slashgear noticed the potential problem and managed to get a statement from Adobe, who said “as far as we know, Adobe will support Flash for ICS.”

It therefore looks as if Adobe will update the software for Google's Ice Cream Sandwich at some stage although no time frame has been confirmed yet.

Kitguru says: Does the lack of flash support cause a major issue for the end user? Many would say yes, but Apple have successfully managed to maintain a good market share while totally omitting any support for Flash with their mobile devices.

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