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Microsoft: free Wi-Fi at British railways for a month

Microsoft are giving free Wi-Fi to punters on British Rail Platforms. The goal is to get some sales for their Office 365 software package.

The wireless internet access will cover larger UK rail stations. Travelers can already claim 15 minutes of free connection from The Cloud by handing over a few personal details but in the next month Microsoft will be giving unlimited web access passes, to show what Office 365 is capable of doing.

As we already posted before, Office 365 is the cloud version of their Office software suite. You pay monthly to get access to the Office programs, over the internet.

Microsoft ideally would love to move their payment structure to a monthly tariff, rather than selling it outright. They can make much more money this way long term.

Rail travelers should not be complaining however – the free Wifi will last until 24th April. Whether the promotion will help Microsoft gain a large number of Office 365 subscribers remains to be seen.

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