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Microsoft may release smart watch

With rumors of the Apple iWatch hitting retail later this year it would appear that Microsoft are keen to jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible. Executives at suppliers to Microsoft told The Wall Street Journal that the company are sourcing components for the prototype of what is a ‘watch style device’.

Microsoft have requested 1.5 inch displays from component makers for the prototype. It is, at this point unclear if Microsoft will proceed with the watch.

Microsoft have analysed this market before, they launched a smart wrist watch around a concept called Smart Personal Object Technology in 2002, but withdrew the design due to poor performance.
microsoft watch
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Microsoft are looking into other avenues for making money especially as the PC market is reporting poor sales worldwide. Windows 8 has failed to drive forward sales this year, with PC shipments down 13.9 percent compared to the same Q1 quarter the year previously.

Microsoft are targeting new markets for expansion, after failing to ignite huge sales in the tablet market with their Surface RT and Surface Pro products.

Kitguru says: The upcoming range of smart watches from various companies will handle a lot of functionality, particularly when paired up with compatible smart phones.

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