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Samsung go on offensive against Apple in court

Samsung have gone on the offensive in court, calling an expert witness who testified against the Apple iPhone and iPad. The witness said that Apple are violating three of Samsung’s patents with both products.

The third week of the trial is heating up as Samsung called in Dr WoodWard Yang, an electrical engineering professor at Harvard. He said that Apple products are using Samsung patented features in their mobile devices, including the process for seamlessly emailing photographs.

Samsung were also quick to defend against Apple claims that the company stole their logo design for the icons. One of Samsung’s engineers said that she did not rely on Apple designs to create their icons for the Galaxy S smartphone range.

Apple are asking for sales ban on Samsung products, along with a lump sum for damages. Samsung claim that Apple are infringing on their patents, including important wireless technology.

Samsung HQ in Seoul

Yang has said that Samsung’s patents were filed before the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, which is damaging for Apple. Yang focused on patents which cover smartphone features, not wireless technology.

Samsung called in one of their hard working design team – Jeeyuen Wang, who said that she and a team in Korea worked for three months to create Samsung’s icons for their Galaxy s phones. She said “I slept perhaps two hours, or three hours a night”, indicating that the team worked hard to create icons specifically for the smartphone range.

Apple controversially showed Wang some internal Samsung documents with her name on them which had references to Apple icons. She said that those documents were created long after Samsung had finished their own designs.

Samsung also presented information on multitouch technology claiming that they had been developed before Apple claim they invented it.

Kitguru says: There is still more to come in this fascinating legal case. Both companies are now going for the kill.

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