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Computex 2018: EKWB Cyrofuel, wooden waterblocks and unseen prototypes

Computex has officially come to an end, but we still have a few bits left to talk about from our week in Taipei. At the show, we had the chance to check out the EK Water Blocks suite at the Hyatt, giving us a good look at upcoming water cooling gear and some incredible high-end systems.

Watch on Vimeo below or on YouTube, HERE.

Starting off with new fans. EKWB has two new fans coming up, the Vardar X3M and the Vardar RGB. The X3M features ‘addressable RGB', which we spoke about quite a bit during our Lian-Li coverage. ARGB is essentially digital, allowing fans to be connected to RGB headers on the motherboard, paving the way for better synchronization and more options. The X3M fans also come with chunky silicon corners that will come in different colours, similar to Noctua's ‘Chromax' fans.

The Vardar RGB fan series is an evolution of the current high static pressure Vardar fans already available. We are unsure if these ones are RGB or ARGB, but we do know that they can spin anywhere between 500-2000 RPM.

EKWB has a new line of Velocity CPU blocks on the way. They take on a more curvy design compared to previous generations, and RGB is out in full force. There are the usual Intel and AMD socket options, including an extra block for Threadripper.

If any of you are crazy enough to delid your Intel CPU, you can now get your hands on cold plates from EKWB. This product doesn't seem to have an official name yet, but this will be good news for those who are serious about overclocking.

There is also a revised all-in-one liquid cooler on the way, but it doesn't have a final name yet. The radiator is very chunky, but the housing all looks very neat. The cooler uses an SPC pump and SATA power rather than Molex, the CPU block used is a Velocity version.

One of the big surprises was the addition of new wooden water cooling gear. This is mainly a cosmetic change, with wooden faceplates covering the different blocks. We are told that these won't be sold as a full-time product line, instead the wooden ‘Konig' series will be available for a limited time as more of a ‘collector's edition' product.

Finally, we get to all new coolant. EK-Cyrofuel is a solid pastel coolant and extensive testing has taken place to ensure it is not abrasive. It's a big claim, and the coolant looks very impressive. You'll be able to get Cyrofuel later this year in purple, green, blue, white, yellow, orange or red.

KitGuru Says: I must admit, the look of that new EK-Cyrofuel coolant has got me itching to finally sort out a custom loop for my PC. What do you guys think of EK's latest and greatest? Anything you think you might be picking up in the future?

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