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Computex 2023: Silverstone unveils sleek new cases and a very unusual AIO cooler

2023 is a big year for Silverstone, with the company marking its 20th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, Silverstone has arrived at Computex this year with quite the arsenal of products, including new cases and a very interesting new AIO cooler. Join Leo as we dive into everything Silverstone has on show this year. 

Watch via YouTube below:


  • 00:00 Crazy IceMyst AIO ARGB fans!
  • 01:33 Silverstone C-542 / C-541 / C-341
  • 03:02 Alta F2
  • 04:39 Alta D1
  • 05:33 Sugo 17
  • 06:20 Fan and PSU showcase (2000W!)
  • 07:44 Xforma MBX MKII

First up we have the ALTA F2. This is the first time we've had the opportunity to see this case in person and the first thing that immediately jumps out is just how large it is. The demo system we saw on display was packed to the brim with large radiators, cooling fans and liquid cooling gear, leading to a very nice build, complete with an inclined GPU bracket to deliver more airflow to the graphics card.

The ALTA D1 is a server-oriented chassis with modular panels depending on needs, such as more cooling versus more space for storage drives and other hardware. The SUGO 17 is a micro-ATX case, although using a Mini-ITX board instead is recommended. It has room for a full-sized PSU, but the demo system we saw was fitted with an SFX PSU instead.

The Silverstone C-542 / C-541 / C-341 cases are designed for the next generation of motherboards. We've seen manufacturers like Gigabyte and MSI unveiling new motherboard designs that hide all cable connectors on the back, paving the way for cleaner builds. Silverstone is jumping in on this trend early and has already designed a few cases for motherboards exactly like this.

On the cooling front, Silverstone is showcasing its new IceMyst all-in-one liquid cooler. This isn't your standard AIO though, as the CPU block has a mounting mechanism for additional ARGB fans, so you can surround your CPU with additional air cooling.

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KitGuru Says: What did you all think of Silverstone's showing at Computex this year? The IceMyst AIO seems particularly interesting with its fan add-on mechanism. 

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