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Foxconn revenues drop 13 percent in February

Foxconn have been dealing with a publicity nightmare in the last year, requiring key partners such as Apple to step in to mop up the mess. The situation was so bad that Apple made a big deal of joining the FLA.

In regards to revenue, Foxconn have reported a rather weak February, down 13.88% on month. Their revenue was $7.98 billion (USD) in February, which is actually up 54.73% on year.

This sequential fall was blamed on decreasing shipments of PC’s and communications products, according to a Foxconn report.

A Foxconn worker spoke out about producing Apple goods at their factories, saying “He is worried about the iPad sales, if sales do not increase, he might be sent to help the iPhone production.  He said in an interview with First Financial Daily, right before announcement of the new release, their production line can produce 150 units of the new iPad in an hour.  Currently, he takes one day off per week.  When he worked on iPhone 4S, he only took 1 to 2 days off in a month and often worked overtime until 8 pm.”

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