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Paperworld presents the ultimate irony

While we love the chips and dips of the electronics world, more than anything else we love technology. So, every now and then we will step out of the comfort zone and have a quick peek at related industries. Paper is one of them. But out ‘stepping out’ did not last long. KitGuru tapes over some papercuts and gives you the skinny from January’s major paper fare in Frankfurt.

A long time ago, a bunch of ‘not quite Germans’ called the Franks, stormed over a river and began the process of wrestling modern day France from the Gauls (Asterix and his magic potions not withstanding).

The place where the Franks made a ford (the ‘furt’ bit) across the river, will host Paperworld from 28th to 31st January 2012.

It’s a place where all of the people in the world who get positively sexual at the mention of paper, can all huddle together and share their dark passion.

Keen to bring KitGuru readers a taste of this paper paradise, we had a quick scan of their news section.

Message to all of you involved in paper, from Paperworld's very own news desk: Paper-free online is better and you pay less

KitGuru says: With sites like this, we may well have to initiate an ‘Ultimate Irony 2012’ award. For now, the paper bois press room seems to have cut itself. It’s only small, but it’s probably quite painful. And hard to ignore. Like being offered ‘Pepsi only’ at a Coca-Cola event.

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