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Chillblast saves Jon’s bacon at i49

“We need someone Jon. Someone that can cover events like a professional, a true journalist. Can you be that man?”

“Yes I can Zardon. Yes I can.”

This is the (paraphrased) conversation that took place just a week ago, in the build up to Multiplay’s i49 epic LAN, gaming festival. I was all set, ready to go… of course my laptop would break down a few days before.

And of course I wouldn’t have it sorted by the time I arrive. Perhaps the press room could save me. Gadget Show Live and other events always populate theirs with some passably usable netbooks. Surely this will have the same.

You have no idea of the dabauchery that occurs in nerd event press rooms

Lady luck was not on my side this day. No dice.

Fortunately, due  to some smooth networking at my wedding a few weeks before, I happen to have a pal at Chillblast. So I stole his stuff.

It’s that “stolen” laptop that I’m now writing this on and the only reason I’m able to do my job today, so Ben and all the guys at Chillblast deserve a big thank you.

Not only is the booth popular, but everyone is so handsome. Though of course, not as much as the Kitguru staff.

It’s difficult to get close to the stand to thank them in person too, as they’ve drawn quite a crowd due to be – as far as I can tell – the only stand with a working Oculus Rift.

It’s obvious why this is popular too. After my own short go, I’m sold. All it took was a couple of minutes and I really want one of these. Though preferably the new HD version, as this one was a little blocky and blurry.

KitGuru Says: I really can’t thank Ben/Chillblast enough. It’s already difficult looking like a professional human being when you’re only 5’4″, let alone when you don’t have the only tool that you require to actually do your job.

If you guys are at i49 this weekend, stop by the  Chillblast stand and  give them a high five from me. 

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