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Look inside the Doctor Who Tardis with Google Street View

Doctor Who fans may have missed this, so we thought it was worth pointing out today. Using Google Street View you can now follow arrows to get an inside look at the Doctors Tardis. The famous phone box stands outside Earl’s Court Tube Station in London.

Google have not yet said if the new feature is a permanent fixture, or a fun little addition for a short while. Users of Google Maps have already left their comments (430 now in total) ‘The landlord was a strange man, he would talk to himself and shout things at the most random times. Still, his stories were very entertaining, a bit fanciful but fun to listen to!’

Google are well known for their fun, ‘Easter Eggs’ which they build into their software. YouTube which is owned by Google also added a series of hidden features to their site to celebrate the ‘Geek Week’ last week.

Kitguru says: Fancy a 3D look around the inside of Doctor Who’s Tardis? make sure to check it out. It may be removed at some stage!

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