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Colour changing gloves warn about toxic substances

Scientists in Germany have created a protective glove that warns the wearer of toxic substances in the air by immediately changing colour.

There are many laboratories worldwide that have to deal daily with dangerous substances. The most dangerous are those that don’t have a smell or colour, as it is so difficult to ascertain their status. Getting an early detection system in place is very useful and could potentially save lives.

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies may have found a simple solution to the problem in the design of a new protective glove which immediately changes colour in contact with hazardous materials.

The researchers created the glove from a textile coated in a dye which incorporates specific sensor particles. These particles will react to contact with substances, such as hydrogen sulfide or carbon monoxide – by changing to a blue colour. This means that a worker would be immediately alerted and could take action.

The research team says the dye is versatile enough to be used in typical manufacturing processes and could be easily adopted into the safety equipment used by many laboratories.

The project is still in the development stages and the team want to create a new improved version which could withstand a wash cycle. They also want to add a sensor module which can collect data on the toxic substances it connects with.

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Kitguru says: A potentially life saving idea, we like it.

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