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Drinking too much? Nightclub urinal alerts clients to call cab

Most of us like a drink on a Saturday night however due to accidents and dangerous drink driving concerns, a new ‘pee analyser’ has been developed. A nightclub in Singapore is trialing the product with the hope that they can persuade people to go home safely.

Sinagpore’s Zouk nightclub has adopted the DDB Group Singore developed Pee Analyser. The system is fitted to urinals and it tests the clients alcohol level every trip they decide to use the bathroom.

Singapore report 2,141 cases of drunk driving a year, a small percentage of which are fatal. The analyser system can be reset immediately for multiple quick tests and they are paired up with a RFID reader. When a client parks his car they hand over their car keys containing RFID tags. The tags then can be used to record the urine and associate them with a person, and subsequently their car.

If the client is above a specific level then the system will alert the RFID tag and an alert will be shown on the urinal saying that a drive home program or cab should be called. Another RFID reader close to the valet station flashes a warning and the valet can make the same suggestion, hopefully stopping a drunk driver from taking his keys home.
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The campaign has been successful so far, with 573 drivers warned in two weeks. 342 of these people used the drive home service or called a cab. We aren’t sure about the rest of them, perhaps they were allowed to ignore the warnings.

DDB Singapore have said “Anti-drink driving awareness advertisements have almost become blind spots. Our solution took anti drink-driving messaging to a new level. By identifying drivers, testing their urine for alcohol content with a custom-designed device in urinals and discouraging them from driving drunk. All at a place they least expected. Bars.”

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