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Problems waking? try the ‘singNshock’ electric shock clock

There is nothing worse than getting up early in the morning when you comfortable. If you struggle every morning then why not force yourself out of bed with an electric shock?

The singNshock clock is a new concept which might cure the problem of late risers. The first part of the clock system is traditional. The ‘sing' element is tied into a music player and speakers which can play directly from the MMC slot. All of this can be controlled from a touchscreen interface.

There is one difference however – an electrical pulse system.

The electrical shock feature can be turned off and the pulse is only a few ‘millivolts'. Designer Sankalp Sinha says this is enough to trigger ‘neurological functions' without causing any harm. Sinha has designed a range featuring six colours and LED lighting to add a nice warm glow in a dark room.

More information over here.

Kitguru says: Perhaps he will release a more powerful ‘shock' version for really heavy sleepers?

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