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SpaceTop 3D Transparent computer revealed

A transparent computer which will allow people to reach inside and touch digital content has been showcased at the TED conference in Los Angeles.

TED fellow Jinha Lee has been working on the SpaceTop 3D desktop in partnership with Microsoft.

According to a report by the BBC they are saying that people would find the experience more interactive and intuitive. The system consists of a transparent LED display with built in cameras which can track the user’s gestures and eye movements.

Lee said “Spatial memory, where the body intuitively remembers where things are, is a very human skill. If you are working on a document you can pick it up and flip through it like a book.

The gap between what the designer thinks and what the computer can do is huge. If you can put your hands inside the computer and handle digital content you can express ideas more completely”

Jinha Lee is currently working at Samsung Electronics, on television interface design.

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