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You can get 14% off liquid cooling gear at AquaTuning this week

Every so often, we’ll be notified of a sale going on elsewhere. Over the last couple of weeks, AquaTuning has been sending out discount codes to celebrate the summer season and by extension, the world cup. For the next couple of days, anyone interested in picking up some water cooling gear will be able to get 14 percent off.

Building a high-end PC is always expensive, so its good to find deals where you can. If you are planning to put together a new custom loop, you can use the code ‘Becool’ on AquaTuning to get 14 percent off between the 6th and 7th of July. You can check out some of the gear available in the gallery below:

We’ll likely be seeing a few more discount codes popping up as the world cup continues, so keep an eye out. You can visit the AquaTuning site directly, HERE.

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