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The Hydra Desk PC enclosure is now available at Overclockers UK

Hydra is a relatively new kid on the block, but one that is offering enthusiast grade products with a focus on community feedback. Its latest release is The Hydra Desk, featuring a built in PC enclosure big enough to house two systems.

The Hydra Desk case is built out of aluminium, with a variety of options in customisation. The desk is sizeable, with its dimensions sitting at 1.509 × 755 × 713 mm for width, height and depth respectively, while remaining at a relatively lighter weight of 43 kg. Its modular design allows for a clean, aesthetically pleasing system while not sacrificing functionality. It’s built with enthusiasts in mind, allowing for custom water-cooling with space for up to a 480mm radiator.

The primary motherboard tray houses Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX or E-ATX sized boards, with a secondary motherboard tray for those that might want to incorporate a second system and utilise the room for a second power supply. The spaciousness of the desk allows for no limit on the length of graphics cards as well as housing multiple at once, while CPU air coolers are limited to a height of 155mm.

The Hydra Desk’s right leg expands space significantly, allowing for a total of up to a whopping sixteen 2.5-inch storage drives or twelve 3.5-inch internally, with space externally for six 5.25-inch drives. Twenty 120mm fans can be installed, with twelve of them fitting on the right leg alone if you don’t choose to utilise the space for up to four 360mm radiators instead.

Hydra offers its case in both black and white, with the former available on Overclockers UK for £989.99.

KitGuru Says: Before your eyes wince at the price like mine did a little, this is a beautifully crafted enthusiast-level desk for (preferably) enthusiast-level hardware. I personally love the way it looks and by all means would buy one if my budget could stretch that far. What do you think of The Hydra Desk?

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