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Fake Facebook shares not to be taken at face value

Wherever there is money, there is crime. If Darwin were a modern day economist, he could have written amazing book that correlates the development of humans and society with the length, depth and sophistication of its crimes. Over in Wisconsin, a woman seems to have perpetrated a high profile crime on her own door step. If this villain were a creature – it would be the Dodo.

As Mark Zuckerberg prepares to join the ranks of the amazingly rich and take his well deserved annual salary of $1, while his personal accountant worries about which bank is least likely to fail once its coffers have been injected with $75 Billion… a woman called Marianne Oleson is preparing for the possibility that her pay cheques will be measure in cents and coming from the local prison kitchen – for a long, long time.

While internet scams to make a few dollars here and there are common place – and most likely ignored, defrauding people for tens of thousands of dollars is always going to cause an issue.

If they are nameless/faceless people on the web – across the world – then that is one scale of problem. But if you do it to the burly housing contractor who has just upgraded your home – then you are asking for trouble.

From what police can gather, Marianne Oleson is accused of telling people her daughter had an inside track to stock at Facebook – and that the Olesons had acquired around $1m worth. The woman also seems to have conned a partially blind 46 year old chap for around $43,000, telling him “The share certificates are in the post”.

As far as we are concerned, anyone buying stock outside the IPO should get their head examined.

If it looks too good to be true, then it probably isn't

KitGuru says: While fraud is a bad thing, bad fraud is incredibly sad. Without knowing this woman personally, it’s hard to know how she thought stiffing her builder (and not in a nice way) would ever pay off. It would be nice if, for once, the allegations were all unfounded and the woman was pronounced innocent – but the evidence presented so far seems damning.

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