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Swann Security Launches the SportsCam Waterproof Digital Video Camera

Swann Security produce a wide range of consumer orientated security products that offer very good value for money compared to other products on the market.  But they are now expanding into different markets using the technology and expertise derived from their existing products.

The SportsCam is part of Swann's Mini Video Series which currently features six video cameras that are designed specifically for certain applications.  As the name suggests, the SportsCam is designed for filming all recreational and sports related activities and features a waterproof and shockproof case which makes it ideally suited for this.

With 640 x 480 video and excellent sound the SportsCam will record your greatest sporting moments, with up to 5 hours recording time using a 16 GB SD card.  Swann supply a vast accessory bundle with this camera which includes a whole host of mounting accessories for different sports.

You can upload the video recorded using a whole host of sharing sites such as Youtube and Facebook and can even use the Sportscam as a webcam for MSN and Skype.  Video is recorded to a Micro SD card (not included) and can be transferred to your PC using a USB connection.  The inbuilt lithium-ion rechargeable battery is good for around 2.5 hours and can be charged via USB.

Main Features

  • Built for an active life
    Completely waterproof when in the case – up to 65ft / 20m below the surface. Easy to mount, strap, clip or pin to yourself and other objects with numerous accessories included.
  • Easy to Record & transfer on your PC
    Clear picture with 640 x 480 high resolution video and excellent sound. Records AVI video or JPEG photos to MicroSD card (not included) up to 16GB. It's easy and quick to swap cards on the go. Catch more action with approximately 5 hours of video able to be recorded onto a 16GB MicroSD card (not included)

  • Simple to recharge & use
    Convenient built-in lithium-ion battery rechargeable off USB with 2.5 hours of life per charge.

  • Make videos at the push of a button
    Video/Photo/Webcam functionality – no dials, gauges, knobs, options or preferences to configure. Turn it on, strap it on, hit record and you're away.

The SportsCam is already on the market in the UK and has a recommended retail price of £99.  But we were able to find it for only £71 inc. VAT at Buy.com (UK).

KitGuru says: An impressive looking product at a very good price!

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