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Tim Smalley says goodbye to the IT industry

Like every industry, the world of technology includes some real giants. Standing nearly 7 feet tall*, Tim Smalley is just such a man and we’ve been sent a pic of the Expert Reviews editor saying goodbye to Bit-Tech, the site he helped found many moons ago.

Joking aside, Tim is a really sweet guy, with a great sense of humour and a soft character that masks his in-depth knowledge and experience.

Originally a graduate in Materials Science from Imperial College London, Tim is as comfortable with the language and physics of chip design as many of the folk that work for AMD, Intel and nVidia.

He famously spotted when an Intel fellow had dumbed down an explanation so much that it became inaccurate (think F=MA, only more so).

Tim met with internet savant Wil Harris when he was 19 and they were both studying [Still life drawing class? – Ed] .

A group of technophiles soon formed and Bit-Tech, as a site, was born. It grew quickly from a hobby site to being one of the most popular reference publications for hardcore modders and overclockers.

Technology journalism loses a giant (well, certainly a very tall chap)

Through a series of take overs and expansions, ending with it being bought out by Dennis Publishing, Tim Smalley remained one of the only constants the site’s development until he recently moved across to help bolster another Dennis publication, Expert Reviews.

Tim is a gifted photographer and will be setting up a new venture in that area.

KitGuru says: Everyone at KitGuru wishes Tim the best of luck in his new career.

*OK, the 7 feet tall part is not quite accurate, but Tim is seriously massive and used to love getting to grips with other men on the rugby pitches of England – so he knows how to handle himself.

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