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Timeline for Ultra High Definition TV

The staff at KitGuru have spent a lot of time completely pixellated recently. Having covered the most popular resolutions for normal people, gamers and current surge in retina displays, we thought it was worth a quick look at the screen in your living room. KitGuru begins putting 27 pennies a day into a jar, for the ultimate in TV upgrades.

While the home cinema enthusiast spent ages waiting for 1080p screens to becomes affordable, film makers have been focused a lot more on products like the ONE from RED, which promised affordable 4k resolution capture (actually 4096 × 2304).

At the same time, the BBC has been setting up a really clever Ultra High Definition TV system for the 2012 Olympics. This will capture at 7,680 × 4,320, to be displayed at several specially built sites across the UK – including Pacific Quay in Glasgow, Broadcasting House in London and the National Media Museum in Bradford.

Compare standard definition against an HD 1080 screen and you've only just started. Add the RED 4k resolution to the same chart and things get interesting - but check the BBC's commitment to delivering 7,680 × 4,320 at this summer's Olympics and you can see just what the (near) future might look like

It's not just the 3 major sites that will get outdoor screens at 7680×4320 this summer, Sharp has also shown what this resolution will look like in a TV, which it says will be ‘mass market' within 10 years.

Yep, the same sharp that's about to be taken over by Foxconn.

Yep, the same Foxconn that makes all the Apple products.

Home cinema at 7,680 by 4320 supersedes the actual pixel count for Digital IMAX cinemas (6,120 × 4,500)

KitGuru says: Expect an Ultra High Definition Apple TV in your living room for £3,000 in 2022. The 27 pennies a day into the KitGuru savings jar is for the more affordable models that other companies will be no doubt knocking out for £999, including free delivery.

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