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Bitcoin reaches new all-time high, surpassing $20,000

A few weeks ago, we learned that Bitcoin was booming once again, with the cryptocurrencies value approaching a new all-time high. Today, the Bitcoin market saw another boost, pushing its value to over $20,000 USD per Bitcoin. 

This is a new all-time high for Bitcoin, which has risen from $19,000 value in late November. At $20,000 per Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency is at its highest value since late 2017. The currency boomed towards the end of 2017 before sharply dropping in early 2018.


As Mashable points out, other cryptocurrencies are also doing well at the moment. A boom in Bitcoin usually trickles down to other forms of digital currency, with Ethereum currently valued at $600 – a 7.79 percent rise in the last seven days. Bitcoin Cash, an offshoot of Bitcoin, is currently trading at $297.67, an 11.76 percent rise in the last seven days.

At the moment, Bitcoin is still growing, with coinmarketcap showing a $20,325 value. Things won't drop straight away, so we could possibly see Bitcoin hit $21,000 before things start to dip.

KitGuru Says: If you’ve been holding onto some Bitcoin, then now might be a good time to see how much its worth. Now we'll all just have to wait and see how high Bitcoin can reach before it starts to crash down again. 

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