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Computex 2023: The Thermaltake Cycle Desk returns

Leo continues his rounds at Computex 2023. This time we're stopping by to catch up with Thermaltake to check out the range of cases, liquid cooling gear and other hardware. The true star of the show here though is the line-up of custom modded PCs on display. 

Watch via YouTube below:


  • 00:00 Cycle Desk
  • 00:28 Ceres Cases
  • 02:08 Tower 200
  • 03:04 Pacific Custom Loop hardware
  • 04:35 XG D5 RGB DDR5 memory
  • 05:23 Toughliquid AIO colours
  • 05:47 Modded systems
  • 06:13 CTE C750 Systems
  • 07:58 CTE 700 sign off

Thermaltake returns to Computex this year armed with some of the same products we saw back at CES. This includes new lifestyle-oriented products like the Cycle Desk 100 and the new TT Bike Backpack, in addition to new cases and liquid cooling gear.

On the case front, the Tower 200 chassis returns – a smaller version of the Tower 500 chassis while still offering enough room to house the best graphics cards, like the massive RTX 4090. The CTE 700 and CTE 750 cases also return, offering plenty of space for massive builds with support for plenty of liquid cooling hardware.

Thermaltake's ToughLiquid AIO coolers are back, available with up to a 420mm radiator, complete with a 2.1-inch LCD display on the CPU block, which seems to be the trend nowadays. Of course, if you prefer custom liquid cooling, Thermaltake also offers a full range of Pacific-branded custom gear, including radiators, fittings, tubing, distro plates and more.

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KitGuru Says: There's still plenty of the show floor left to explore so stay tuned for more news direct from Computex 2023. 

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