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Elgato launches special edition Fallout-themed streaming gear

The Fallout TV series has officially arrived and to mark the occasion, Elgato is now launching its new special edition Fallout-themed streaming gear, with unique Fallout-inspired designs for many of its best streaming products.

The Elgato Fallout Edition products span a full range, including a Stream Deck, which will also have custom Fallout style icons to keep everything in theme. The Wave DX microphone and Wave XLR audio interface would look perfect in Three Dog's wasteland broadcasting setup. Finally, there is a Fallout Edition Wave ice Arm LP, offering a low-profile mount for the microphone that stays out of the way of your monitor

While everything here will be available individually, you can also pick up Vault Overseer bundles that include multiple products. The Vault Overseer Audio Kit simply includes the Wave DX microphone, the Wave XLR interface and the Wave Mic Arm LP, while the Vault Overseer Broadcasting Kit includes all of that, plus the Stream Deck.

There is still some fun to be had for those who already own a standard version of the Stream Deck, as the Elgato Marketplace, the home for custom software skins made by official sources and community members, will also offer up a set of Fallout assets for users to download for free.

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