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Microsoft Edge to reduce memory usage ‘by up to 27%’ with next major update

High memory usage is an issue that web browsers have been trying to tackle for a long time now. Google and Mozilla have made well publicised efforts to reduce memory usage for their respective browsers and with the next Windows 10 update, some significant improvements to memory usage in Edge will also be delivered. 

The Windows 10 May 2020 update has not rolled out widely yet, so some details about it are still being unveiled even as we enter the latter half of June. Today in a post, Kim Denny, Principle PM Manager of Microsoft Edge, talked a bit about the memory usage improvements that will be coming with this next update.

“With the Windows 10 May 2020 Update, Microsoft Edge has leveraged the Windows segment heap memory improvements now available for Win32 applications to manage memory more efficiently. Early internal testing results of devices on the May 2020 Update are showing a memory usage reduction of up to 27% when browsing with Microsoft Edge. Individual device performance will vary based upon configuration and usage, but the lower memory usage is expected to create a better experience.”

We'll have to wait for the update to be widely available to see how much of an improvement users see, but so far, an up to 27% reduction sounds quite promising.

KitGuru Says: Do many of you use the new Chromium version of Microsoft Edge? Have you had any issues with high memory usage?

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