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Valve teams up with iFixit to offer full range of Steam Deck replacement parts

Valve has teamed up with iFixit to make Steam Deck repair tools and replacement parts available. Now, Steam Deck owners will be able to get hold of almost any part they need to fix their console at fairly reasonable prices. 

The Steam Deck replacement parts range was accidentally revealed early over the weekend and quickly taken down, but today, iFixit made the range official. Pretty much everything you could need is available, from replacement batteries, fans, controller parts and speakers, all the way up to a new Steam Deck display or a replacement motherboard.

The display and the motherboard are the most expensive parts to replace. A replacement display can cost as much as £89.99, while replacing the motherboard without an SSD will cost £289.99. Everything else is reasonably priced though, with prices for smaller replacement parts costing between £5 and £25. You can also find tool kits available to make assembling and disassembling the Steam Deck easier.

Valve has also been supporting users in self-repair and modding efforts by making the CAD files for the Steam Deck shell available, so anyone with the right knowledge and equipment can 3D-print their own custom case.

You can find the full range of Steam Deck replacement parts available, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: Valve is going all-in on allowing users to make their own repairs. There are so many repair parts available that you may even be able to build your own Steam Deck. 

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