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Chinook propelled trolley hits 45mph

If you are bored then you could spend that time strapping a jet engine to various devices, just to see how fast they can go. Some people are always trying to get into the Guinness Record books. Matt McKeown, 52, from Plymouth in the UK strapped a jet propelled engine to a shopping trolley and hit 45 mph at Elvington Air Field in North Yorkshire. Why? Well just because he wanted to.

He spoke to the BBC and said “I have to submit all the evidence for Guinness to ratify, but it should be official in a few days. It should have been faster, so I’ll definitely be coming back for another attempt.”

While he broke the record, he wasn’t totally happy, saying “We’ve also put an after-burner on, which in theory could have taken the speed up to about 80mph (129km/h), but it didn’t work, so I’m disappointed.”

McKeown used a modified second hand Chinook helicopter starter engine to power the shopping trolley, stabilised with go kart wheels. Just as well we say, as our local trolleys from the supermarket all steer radically to the right. He would have been going around in circles without the kart wheels, or just flipped over after it hit around 20 mph.

Kitguru says: You could be doing worse in your spare time. right?

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