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Hauppauge HD PVR2 Gaming Edition Plus Review

Hauppauge includes an installation disc in the box which can be used to install the device drivers, Hauppauge Personal Logo Inserter, Hauppauge StreamEez and the ArcSoft ShowBiz software.

If you no longer use an optical drive the drivers can also be downloaded here.


The Hauppauge StreamEez Dashboard is a pretty straight forward affair. The Basic screen shows a quick overview of the selected Video and Audio sources and Quality Profile.

After selecting the Streaming service and entering your login details it is a matter of starting to record.


The Advanced screen shows all relevant information related to your stream and, through the use of custom profiles, allows more experienced users to tweak their streams further.


The ArcSoft ShowBiz suite is where non-streaming users will likely spend most of their time. We feel Hauppauge has made a smart decision with this easy-to-use software suite as opposed to solutions such as Sony Vegas Pro.

Selecting the Capture tab brings up a screen where you simply select your Video and Audio Input and the format you want to use in order to start recording. There is also the option to take snapshots, set a timer and change more detailed settings through the Format Settings Button.


The Format Settings button brings up a more basic looking screen with a multitude of tabs. More experienced users and those wanting to experiment with different settings can configure every minor detail to their heart’s content here.

The Edit Screen offers quick and easy presets to edit recorded footage, including letter types, transitions and filters. All functions are shown as a preview, helping newcomers come to terms with the basics of editing software without hindering more experienced users.


The Produce screen consists of three options: Create AVCHD, Create File and Upload to YouTube.

We expect most users will want to directly upload their footage after editing but definitely appreciate the option to directly burn your footage onto a disc or to convert it to a different format.

createfile youtubeconfig

Selecting the Create File option brings up a summary of settings that will be used and allows these to be customized before committing to the final step.

Selecting the Upload To YouTube option simply requires you to enter your login details, at which point the software will handle all further steps.


Finally, for users who wish to protect the content they produce, Hauppauge includes their Personal Logo Inserter. This bit of software lets you apply a watermark fast and easy.

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