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i-H2GO toy car runs on hydrogen, controlled by smartphone

Corgi International have teamed up with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies to create the new i-H2GO remote controlled car, with a difference.

The new car ships with a photovoltaic panel and a refuelling station. Ordinary water is poured into the station and the panel supplies the power to electrolyze the water, splitting it into oxygen and hydrogen. This hydrogen is then pushed into the car which converts it into electricity. For those who live in a sun free environment then the refuelling station can be powered by a USB cable.

The latest news was released to highlight that the car can be controlled over Wi-Fi via a proprietary application available soon for iOS and Android smartphones. The on screen controls will allow for steering and acceleration adjustments or even control the car in Gyro mode. Much like a Nintendo controller, the car can be steered by moving the phone and using it like a wheel.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiFkBPbjFTs']

The kit is now available in America as a preorder for $180 and it is set to ship on August 15th.

Kitguru says: A really cool looking bit of kit, we like.

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