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Norway government block Apple 3D Oslo photos

According to latest reports, Norway’s government are blocking Apple from taking photographs of their capital city Oslo. Apple are wanting to take 3D images for their Maps application, according to local media.

Newspaper Aftenposten say that there are security concerns about access to detailed views of government buildings and anyone wishing to fly over Oslo to take pictures requires a license from the authorities. Apple’s request has been declined according to official documents.

Satellite imagery is not protected according to the BBC. Nokia have some 3D imagery of Oslo in their maps software, but only for parts of the city.

Security in Norway is very strict now, since Anders Breivik managed to plant a bomb outside government premises in the capital before carrying out additional kills in a youth camp several years ago.

The government cannot protect against satellite images, but higher resolution images taken from a plane need express permission from the government. Even Norwegian companies such as Gule Sider have been allowed to take aerial pictures, with gaps in the content available on their navigation website.

Kitguru says: Aftenposten add that neither the CIA headquarters in Langley, or the US Department of Defence in Arlington have 3D map details via the Apple software.

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