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Nintendo 3DS will have ‘realistic’ 2D 7 hour battery life

Sources close to Kitguru in China have leaked that the 3DS will have a battery life of up to seven hours with 3D mode disabled.

The information we were given last night indicate that under normal ‘3D enabled’ conditions the battery should last around 4 hours under heavy use. Every game will target the 3D aspect of the device to various levels and this factor alone has the greatest impact on battery life. The same sources ensured that under realistic settings, Wi-Fi on, and with the 3D disabled that 7 hours is possible, and possibly even more with the power saving mode which turns off wireless and dims the screen more.

As we have reported before, the 3DS is due for release very soon and the price is set at $249, significantly more than previous Nintendo portable units. Whether this price will effect sales to a high degree is uncertain, but we certainly see parents being more cautious with this purchase than with previous models.

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