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Gamescom Audience Delayed As Major Security Alert hits Stanstead

Gamescom is now one of the largest events in the gaming calender.

While shows like CeBIT slowly dwindle to a shadow of their former selves, the booming business in games is driving a new kind of event – one where the software takes the lead and the hardware follows in behind.

Spread across massive halls in Cologne, Gamescom has grown into the world’s largest trade fair dedicated to the  interactive gaming and entertainment markets.

However, today’s exodus from the UK was halted when a major security alert caused serious delays at Stanstead Airport.

It’s unclear what caused this problem, but we’re hoping it was nothing serious.

If KitGuru ever manages to parachute behind enemy lines, we’ll bring you all the action from the main event.

KitGuru says: Judging by the rage generated by English folk standing in a queue, perhaps armorlite weapons could be added and the whole scenario launched as an RPG [Game, not projectile launcher].

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