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Google Android – 10th billionth app download achieved

Google Android is going from strength to strength – they have just achieved a record of 10 billion applications downloaded. Google have decided to cut the price of their applications by 10p each to celebrate the achievement.

Google are claiming that there are one billion downloads now every single month, which is incredible. Industry analysts aren’t quite so positive, claiming that Google quality control is basically non existent with millions of poor quality programs offered.

Google say that the download rates are increasing every month, it took Android 22 months to reach 1 billion downloads, but only one month to go from nine billion to ten billion.

The biggest competitor, Apple have hit one billion downloads after only nine months. Analysts claim that Apple still have a lead, but the gap is diminishing all the time.

Geoff Blaber from analysts CCS insight said “Apple announced the 15 billion download mark in July so it’s clear that Android’s momentum in device activations is translating to application downloads and usage. We’d expect Android to overtake Apple in application downloads in the first half of 2012.”

Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi did say that the download numbers are a poor measure of success. She said that Google’s store quality is much lower thanks to a lack of quality control on the software being offered to the public.

Kitguru says: Google going from strength to strength, but many believe they need to tighten up their security measures and control.

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