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Star Wars fan goes on rampage with dual Lightsabre

We missed this story last week, but felt it was worth a closer look, if only for the fact that some people really are crazy. Star Wars fans are known to take their toys very seriously and David A. Canterburg was jailed for going on a rampage in December at a Toys R Us store. He assaulted customers with a Star Wars toy weapon before heading out to tackle cops in the parking lot.

If you end up dressing like this at home, check yourself in.

The officers tried to quietly subdue the Star Wars fan with a Taser, but the light sabre deflected the wires. Apparently at OregonLive.com they say he might have had two lightsabres, making him twice as dangerous.

David A. Canterbury: without light sabre

Last week he pleaded guilty to fourth degree assault and resisting arrest. The judge sentenced him to 45 days in jail as well as two years probation. He was also told to undertake a mental health evaluation, which seems the best move to us.

Above: One of the most popular videos on Youtube. A modern day classic.

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