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Australia is finally getting Kickstarter

While I'm not sure how much the rest of the world noticed – we were busy throwing money at our digitally discovered pipe dreams – Australia and New Zealand haven't been able to run their own, native campaigns on Kickstarter since the site's inception. That's all about to change though, as on 13th November, they'll be able to launch projects in their own currency and there's even a few Kickstarter events going on around the country in the lead up, to help promote the localisation of the site and to give people a chance to discuss ideas they have.

If you want to get a headstart, you can even login to the site and begin creating your campaign now, but you won't be able to set it free before the 13th. To keep you occupied until then however, you can head to Melbourn, Brisbane or Sidney towards the end of the October in order to meet the Kickstarter team, get some advice on building a campaign or just pitch them an idea. At this point, it seems likely they're far more qualified than any snotty TV collective.

Someone should Kickstart a whiteboard, they'd make a killing

“Kickstarter School,” events will be taking place on the following:

27th October, 3pm – Melbourne
28th October, 7pm – Brisbane
31st October, 6pm – Sydney
1st November, 6pm – Sydney

If you want to request another date, time or place, get in touch with Kickstarter via the new Australia/New Zealand splash page, and let it know what you're hoping to do.

KitGuru Says: Do we have much of an Australian readership? If so, is there anything you're considering starting a campaign for?

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